Marine transportation

  • Transit Cargo/Container/Cars from Dubai to B.Abbas ,then to all allowed destinations
  • Transit Cargo/Container/Cars from B.Abbas to all around the world by ships.
  • Transit Cargo to/from all Caspian Sea coast’s ports via Bandar Anzali / Amir Abad by ships.
  • Transit imported Cargos of Iran to all allowed destinations via Iranian sea-ports.

The words yellow and green, and salt and pepper are adjectives modifying the nouns teeth and mustache.

  • Tehran07:27
  • United Arabic Emirates07:57
  • China11:57
  • Turkmenistan08:57
  • Uzbekistan08:57
  • Kazakhstan09:57
  • Kyrgyzstan09:57
  • Tajikistan08:57
  • Turkey06:57
  • Germany05:57