New decisions for organizing transit procedures in border customs of Iran and Iraq

Increasing the number of admitted trucks containing transit goods by Sarakhs and Lotfabad customs in order to decrease the traffic at Tamarchin customs, implementation of X-Ray machines in Bashmagh customs and allocating border row for Parvizkhan customs in Kermanshah, were the main outcomes of deputy president of legal affairs and supervision and his accompanied delegates visit to provinces which have joint borders with Kurdistan of Iraq.

Based on the report of Public Relations office of IRICA, Iraj Jabbari, director general of Supervision on Transit department announced the issue and
1Z0-517 further added that at the end of the visit of Alimadadi Jahromi, deputy president of IRICA in legal
affairs and his accompanied delegates including supervisors of west Azerbaijan and Khorasan Razavi customs and director generals of Kurdestan and Kermanshah customs, some decisions have been taken as follows:Tamarchin customs in Piranshahr:
For facilitating Transit at borders of Tamarchin (IRAN) and Hajomran (Iraq), it was assigned that for minimizing the traffic, at any volume which is possible the customs procedures should be done and all procedures should be in accordance with supervision domain of Azarbaijan province customs offices.Bashmagh customs:
With regard to installation of X-Ray machine at Bashmagh borders, it should be launched as soon as possible and for preventing probable misuses 1Z1-868 and forged documents, customs of the country should deny issuing permits for export and transit with numerous trucks.Which takes time to be settled and if necessary the customs announce the numbers of trucks, their reg number and their kinds of goods and its volume to Bashmagh customs by fax.

Parviz Khan
It was assigned that after providing necessary equipments, for improving transportation procedures, the Kermanshah province announce the issue to supervision on Transit Department to allocate a unique border row to this customs.

Considering the high volume of exchanges, the directors of mentioned customs were assigned to provide the needed infrastructures for this purpose and cooperate with IT department of Iran customs for installation and operation of smart transit site.

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