In a Meeting of technical committee of Iran and Turkey customs:Border cooperation plan in Sero – Esendere customs is due to be implemented

Pilot plan of joint border cooperation of Iran and Turkey is going to be implemented in Sero – Esendere border.

The main target of this plan in Sero border which is the second main customs border of Iran and Turkey, (the first is bazargan) is
facilitating the customs procedures, expedition in exchanging documents and information, increasing the speed, accuracy and correctness and decreasing the needed time and cost for performing procedures in customs houses of the two countries.
Based on the report of public relations of west Azarbaijan province customs, Mohammad Khatib Oghlou, deputy head of Turkish customs in the meeting said that the newC_ISR_60
building of customs in Esendere will be constructed at the beginning of the new year.
He added that the border road will be constructed simultaneously and all plans will be fulfilled up to the end of the next year.
Deputy head of Turkish customs emphasized that after opening this customs building, exchange of declarations will be done in one stage between the two countries and this will expedite the procedure.Based on this report, Mirhashem Seyed Ahmadi, the supervisor of west Azarbaijan customs province emphasized on the expansion of economic ties between C_PXSUP_90 Iran and Turkey and said
that regarding the importance of border exchanges between the two countries Sero border can be regarded as an important border between the two countries.He further added that, with opening the new customs building in Esendere, the process of import and export and passengers traffic will be facilitated and expedited.Supervisor of west Azarbaijan customs referred to 42 percent of growth in exports and 37 percent of increase in imports via the customs of the province during the past seven months and said that by facilitating the trade between Iran and Turkey, it is possible to export Iranian products to European markets.

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Date : 2012-12-04 Write by : James Nirt
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